2022 Jaguar I-PACE EV400

With all-wheel-drive as standard fare, the I-PACE can launch off the line with authority.
With all-wheel-drive as standard fare, the I-PACE can launch off the line with authority.

by Jon Pangindian | June 29, 2022


Right now, Jaguar is in a tough position in the EV market. This is a segment that has grown leaps and bounds over the last several months with some truly groundbreaking entries. The Rivian R1T and Lucid Air have piqued the interest of those that would never have looked at an electric vehicle. In addition, mainstream luxury brands have stepped up their game with various new entries. The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE EV400 here has been on the market for over three years with only minor updates. We set out to find out if they’re enough to compete with the EV market’s latest offerings.

Surprising for a premium crossover in the EV space, the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is actually fun to drive. It handles better than most cars on the road thanks to a low center of gravity and moves like a bat out of hell in Sport mode. This is where the powerplant of an EV prioritizes performance over efficiency. Unfortunately, actual driving range falls behind premium competitors especially and remains one of the I-PACE’s biggest drawbacks.

Our current test car looks rather drab with the Indus Silver ($800) paint option and does a huge disservice to the overall design. Though it may be a few years old, the styling looks fantastic and still manages to attract attention out on the roads. The front, side and rear profile have the right curves to make it look like it’s leaping forward. The trademark Jaguar grill is up front while the taillights look quite similar to those found on their coupes. The I-PACE is low to the ground and even though it’s technically a crossover, the roofline is low enough to be mistaken for a sedan.

The interior of the I-PACE is considered a mix bag. This is not to say it’s put together poorly, because the materials are typical Jaguar, high quality and soft to the touch. It looks rich and inviting. However, when compared to the most recent EVs, technology and design look and feel dated. The interior of the I-PACE sticks with the design found in other Jaguars and lacks any unique cues that make it stand out as an EV. Thankfully, the interior is comfortable and ergonomically good so everything is within reach.

Those expecting large high-tech screens in place for the infotainment will be disappointed. A ten-inch touchscreen sits atop a 5.5-inch unit and packs all pertinent infotainment information. While it does have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto et al., it lacks the EV data/consumption information that consumers find essential when tracking their usage. The infotainment screen is especially small when compared to the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E or its rivals.

Where the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE excels is its inherent ability to have some fun. Though it may not be the fastest in the 0-100km/h run at 4.8 seconds, its handling and engaging experience will put a smile on your face. It has the luxury experience nailed for those looking at an isolated and quiet ride, but change the drive mode to “Sport” and this electric crossovers will surprise most drivers with its agility. Throw it into curves and engage in quick maneuvers with ease. The air suspension found underneath does help.

With all-wheel-drive as standard fare, the I-PACE can launch off the line with authority. Dual electric motors produce 394 combined horsepower and 512 lb-ft. of torque. Most vehicles around you will look and feel slow if you decide to mash the throttle from a dig, and it’s right up to par with its electric rivals.

Jaguar has upgraded the on-board charger to a 11-kW unit from the 7-kW found in previous models, but this change seems small in comparison to the charging capabilities found in the Kia EV6. Using a DC fast charging port, the Jaguar I-PACE will take 40 minutes to charge up to 80 percent, while the Korean units can do this in 18 minutes.

During my test week, I used one of the fast charging stations at Petro Canada. With only 35% of charge remaining and errands to run from downtown Toronto to Ajax and back, I needed to make sure I wasn’t left stranded. With the I-PACE plugged in while I enjoyed some breakfast, I returned after 30 minutes and found I had 71% of charge available. This cost me $9.90. Estimated range is 377 kilometers but during my test week, I achieved close to 300.

Cargo space is compromised due to the sloped rear window but still remains competitive at a very reasonable 656-liters. Drop down the rear seats and this exapnds to 1,453-litres. Four adults will sit comfortably inside with more than enough leg and shoulder room. With a starting price of $99,800, the 2022 I-PACE is far from cheap; our tester had an $800 paint option, bringing the total just a hair over $100k.

Over my test week, we thoroughly enjoyed our time behind the wheel of the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE EV400. The power is addictive, the handling capabilities were better than expected and the luxurious interior is impressive. However, with the eye popping price tag, lower than expected range and slow charging capability, the current generation is a hard sell with the number of viable rivals popping up daily.

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