Founded in 2009 and under new management as of May 2014, Magazine is one of Canada’s leading online automotive lifestyle magazines. We’re a diverse group with a lot to offer – each of our writers has his or her unique take on the automotive industry. We have performance drivers, hyper-milers, and an in-house antique car restorer. On our motorcycle side, we have seasoned riders with years of experience. Rather than journalists who somehow ended up in the automotive world, we’re all truly passionate car and bike people who love to put our thoughts and opinions into words. Magazine is also a proud member of the Automobile Journalists’ Association of Canada and the International Motor Press Association. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback – we would love to hear your thoughts! 

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Adi Desai
Adi Desai – Editor-in-Chief – Read More

Adi is a diehard automotive enthusiast, and entrepreneur. When not behind the wheel of one of his own toys, Adi is an award-winning pianist and can be found at his Yamaha baby grand piano.

Current Toy: ’07 V8 Vantage 6MT, ’04 S2000, ’90 Camry AllTrac, ’04 LS 430 Ultra Luxury

Ben So
Ben So – Content Editor – Read More

Ben has been breathing vehicle magazines, spec sheets, and perusing auto shows for his entire life. When not writing or geeking out about the latest in the auto industry, he’s the father of two quickly-growing kids and a proud AJAC member.

Current Toys: ’97 Integra Type R, ’08 Corvette Z06, ’07 Accord EX-L V6

Automotive Content Team:

Jon Pangindian
Jon Pangindian – Staff Writer – Read More

An experienced detailer and diehard car guy, Jon brings a creative eye to his new vehicle road tests. Aside from writing, Jon spends most of his time in the basement of his condominium washing whichever car he’s driving that day.

Current Toy: ’12 MX-5 PRHT, ’18 Kona Ultimate 1.6T

Stuart Grodinsky
Stuart Grodinsky – Staff Writer – Read More

An engineer by trade, Stuart is a go-to for many technical questions within our team. Aside from writing and working on his 5.0L Ford Mustang, Stuart also loves home renovation projects and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Current Toy: ’11 Mustang GT Convertible, ’90 Corvette, ’09 Avalanche

Thomas Hundal
Thomas Hundal – News Editor – Read More

A passionate car enthusiast through and through, Thomas initially started an internship while pursuing journalism at Niagara College. He can rattle off facts about some of the most obscure vehicles on the road and enjoys putting his thoughts into words and photos.

Current Toy: ’06 325i 6MT

Zack Zeraldo
Zack Zeraldo – Staff Writer – Read More

Despite his relatively young age, Zack has owned more cars than most people will own in their lifetimes. From F-Bodies to pickups and Corvettes, he is a GM enthusiast through and through. When not writing about cars, Zack can be found in his garage messing with one of his eight vehicles.

Current Toy: ’11 XKR, ’85 Trans Am, ’07 DTS Luxury, ’84 Camaro, ’78 MGB

Nelson Chong
Nelson Chong – Staff Writer – Read More

A father, husband, and photographer, Nelson is a genuine car nut through and through. When not out and about testing the latest in the industry, he can be found behind the lens or the wheel of one of his Japanese icons.

Current Toy: ’04 S2000, ’18 Civic Type R

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson – Contributing Writer – Read More

Jeff is a writer, photographer, father, and television producer. First and foremost though, he is a real car and bike guy who’s owned plenty of things with rear-wheel-drive and three pedals over the years. Jeff is an accredited member of AJAC and a well-reputed Canadian automotive journalist.

Current Toys: ’97 Boxster, ’19 Jetta

Two-Wheeled Content Team:

Theron Lane
Theron Lane – Motorcycle Content Editor – Read More

Having graduated from Sheridan College’s Applied Photography program, Theron brings a keen photographic eye to When he isn’t taking his sweet time to get the perfect angle, he is often found on whichever motorcycle he can get his hands on.

Current Toy: ’20 Tucson Luxury, ’15 S1000R

Daniel Arsenault
Daniel Arsenault – Staff Motorcycle Writer – Read More

A firefighter by day, Daniel is a passionate motorcyclist and enthusiast. He puts thousands of kilometres on motorcycles each season and likes to get down and dirty when it comes to maintenance. Daniel brings a unique, technical take to his reviews and is the newest member of the editorial team.

Current Toys: ’07 A4 S-Line, ’15 SuperTenere

Our social media interns are hand-picked each semester from some of Canada’s top universities, including Queen’s UniversityUniversity of Western Ontario, University of Guelph-Humber and the University of Waterloo.

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