Product Review: AGV K5 Helmet

AGV's new K5 is hot to look at, stylish, and provides awesome ventilation.
AGV's new K5 is hot to look at, stylish, and provides awesome ventilation.

by Adi Desai | December 5, 2015


This past February, AGV released their latest helmet. Made entirely from glass and carbon fibres, the AGV K5 helmet is one of the best choices currently available for sportbike and enthusiast riders. This helmet has been manufactured with insanely meticulous attention to detail, to ensure high-speed comfort, near-perfect aerodynamics, and of course, safety. We sampled this helmet in Los Angeles, CA during our test of the 2016 Ducati 1299 Panigale S (review here), in both urban and canyon-carving environments.

2016 Ducati 1299 Panigale S

Hailing from AGV’s Extreme Standards group of gear, the K5 is a beautifully performing helmet that’s minimalist in size and shape. Coming in at just 1400g, the shape has been moulded for maximum aerodynamics. There’s also an IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with ventilation built into the shell. This ensures better circulation regardless of conditions. There are three intakes on the front of the helmet, two on the sides, and one high central application. From my experience, air circulation was very good even with the visor raised.

New for the K5 is an “easy-op” opening setup for the visor, which allows the visor to be opened in small increments using a toggle, strategically placed on the chin guard. This helps even further with ventilation. The visor can be easily replaced without the need for complication or any tools, though we found it a bit tedious to do when comparing to rivals from Shoei and Arai. The stunning, aggressive design of the K5 also made it an excellent companion for the Ducati 1299; the Multi colour scheme on our test unit was bold and rendered many compliments during our review period.

2016 Honda Accord Sport

When riding through muggy Los Angeles’ city streets, I found that the visor fogged up considerably more than other helmets, and I had to open it up for better visibility. However, the added ventilation system meant my head was never uncomfortable and the helmet felt excellent with regards to comfort. The internal anti-scratch sun visor can be dropped at the flick of a switch, but AGV provided me with a smoked visor regardless, so I had no reason to use it.

The “Double-D” retention system renders the K5 “Share System Ready” with regards to AGV’s communication system. Using optional accessories, this allows the rider to communicate with passengers or even use mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity. The new AGV K5 sells for $599 at most Canadian retailers, and is a high-quality helmet with a great array of features that will keep the vast majority of riders pleased for years to come.

2016 Ducati 1299 Panigale S

*Helmet provided to us by AGV North America*

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