Episode 31: Smoking tires with The Smoking Tire

May 16, 2024


Welcome to Episode 31!

It’s a bit of a different setup this week: Adi took the reigns as we welcome Matt Farah — yup, from The Smoking Tire — over Zoom. We chatted about Matt’s new-to-him Rolls-Royce, making a living in automotive journalism, and life in gearhead Mecca.

You can find Matt Farah at @thesmokingtire on socials, listen to The Smoking Tire’s podcasts wherever you get your podcasts from, and often catch his written stories in Road & Track. Next time you’re in SoCal, be sure to pop by West Side Collector Car Storage!

(Yes, we did encounter some audio issues. Tried to bring up Nick’s audio as best we could, so bear with us. Not like he has anything important to say, anyway!)

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