2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium

The Supra never has its drivers being caught off guard.
The Supra never has its drivers being caught off guard.

by Nelson Chong | January 19, 2022


This is the 2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium. Ever since the Toyota FT1 concept was released in 2014, there was hope that the beloved Supra would make a return to the Toyota stable. For years, Supra lovers could only fulfill their dreams of owning one by getting it used. Clean samples became needles in haystacks at astronomical prices; all thanks to the legendary 2JZ inline-six engine capable of pumping insane levels of power.

What I love about the fifth-generation Supra is the amount of effort taken to implement stylistic cues from iconic models such as the fourth-generation car. Leveraging the ones that captured our hearts, the Supra tugs on a lot of nostalgic memories. The headlights have the same downward droop, and the side profile has pretty much the same proportions with its long hood and short rear. This classic shape has been modernized with LED headlamps, aerodynamic vents and scoops.

The muscular rear fenders set the tone for the entire design with a wide and aggressive stance. That stance is accentuated by the aggressive rear valence, making the car look track ready from the back. You can really tell the designers poured their hearts into the Supra’s design. In my eyes, this design is telling me that Toyota is stating their commitment to continue the evolution of their rich sports car history.

The interior of the GR Supra has less of a driver centric cockpit design. It’s similar to many modern designs which uses a sleek one-piece air vent design across the entire dash. The interior surfaces are covered in supple leather with white stitching, which gives the Supra a premium feel. The center console has a real carbon fiber feature piping in a sporty injection. The red seats and black dash contrast helps open the small interior preventing one from feeling claustrophobic from the otherwise very tight cabin.

Then we come to the touchy subject of how much the interior feels BMW, considering the co-development. It’s just about all BMW on the inside, from the door lock and window buttons to the HVAC, shifter and infotainment. Toyota had to put one of their dorkiest steering wheel designs in to remind that it is in fact, a Toyota. However, the ergonomics were excellent along with high quality paddle shifters and good overall comfort.

On the plus side, having BMW infotainment is a great upgrade from the usual Toyota systems that are getting a bit dated at this point. The screen and graphics are high definition and bright with good viewing angles. The system is easy to use, especially with Apple CarPlay connectivity available.

The Supra was never known to be best handling sports cars, rather more on the Japanese muscle type grand tourer. However, the latest version of the Supra appears to be out to change that. It’s an extremely competent handler with excellent steering feel and accuracy. Even though it is a BMW chassis, Toyota is re-done the tuning and suspension to their own flavor. The Supra is stable with tons of mechanical grip.

Even when the rear end does break traction, it’s very gradual and feels controllable and almost in slow motion. The Supra never has its drivers being caught off guard. The handling characteristics are very confidence inspiring, allowing drivers to enjoy the rear-drive platform without losing any confidence in the vehicle. With the driver being positioned so far back, almost sitting over the rear axles; you get a very good feel for the traction in the rear end.

A purpose built sports car from the ground up means the ride is going to be on the stiffer side. Thanks to modern tech though, the adjustable dampers are very manageable in the “Comfort” settings. Flicking it into “Sport” or “Sport Plus” makes things considerably stiffer, which may be bone-shattering for some depending on the driver’s tolerance level.

The powertrain is another area in which I am very glad Toyota has chosen to keep it as an evolution from the past instead of a complete revamp. The GR Supra is powered by an turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, like its predecessors. Huge bonus for the 2021 GR Supra is that it received a significant bump in power output compared to the last model year. It now produces 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft. of torque. Combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission and launch control, it reaches 96km/h from a standstill in a blistering 3.9 seconds. With the four-piston Brembo brakes, the Supra is track-ready.

With the performance you get out of the Supra, it is quite the performance bargain. Pricing for the 3.0-liter model starts at $67,820 and our tester comes as tested at $69,435 with optional paint as well as carbon fiber mirror caps. The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport is priced closely at $65,995 with even more power, however it not a sports car but more of a tourer. BMW has just released the BMW M240i with the same engine and output, starting at $60,204 and able to handle car seats.

Competition exists in the market for the Supra, though most buyers will make this a purchase from the heart. The 2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium does stack up well and is an attractive proposition for those in the market for a performance coupe, a true sports car from the ground up. We are all glad that Toyota brought the Supra back, not only because it’s the Supra, but because the market is running short on options for enthusiasts.

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