2022 Porsche Taycan 4S

Sitting alone as an electric vehicle that tries to be fun, and succeeds.
Sitting alone as an electric vehicle that tries to be fun, and succeeds.

by Adi Desai | December 7, 2021


The enthusiast game is changing, and Porsche is at the forefront. While other automakers are out trying to make their electric entries efficient, affordable and eco-friendly, Porsche is focusing on what their purist buyers want most – engagement. This is the 2022 Porsche Taycan 4S, and while it’s efficient and eco-friendly, it’s simply one of the best-driving electric vehicles on the road today. You know what, scratch that – it’s one of the best-driving vehicles on sale today, bar none.

From a styling perspective, the Taycan is a stunner. The design builds off the Mission E concept but is very modern, fresh, and frankly breathtaking. It differentiates itself from the Panamera enough, which helps it stand out. It may be because the Taycan is still fairly new to the market, but it turns heads everywhere it goes, and our Cherry Metallic tester’s paint was subtle yet a nice change from the monochromatic parking lots of the Toronto area suburbs.

Inside, the Taycan is all modern, all the time. There’s sparing use of buttons, with touchscreens taking up the vast majority of available real estate. A portrait-oriented screen within reach of the driver’s palm controls climate settings, and we would have liked to see some hard buttons here. It’s a bit distracting to look away from the road to engage the ventilated seats. The instrument gauge cluster is digital, and obviously there’s a main touchscreen to control the infotainment system. Our tester was also equipped with a $1,280 Passenger Display, which puts yet another screen, this time in front of the passenger.

Overall however, the cabin is a great place to spend time. Materials, while still eco-friendly, are high quality and reflect the prestige that Porsche buyers expect. Panel gaps are minimal, the seats are comfortable, and offer plenty of adjustability. Rear occupants will find ample room, even those that are taller. The Taycan is a traditional sedan, but those wanting more versatility can jump into the Cross Turismo estate model, which is the enthusiast’s dream.

The 4S offers a 79.2-kWh battery offers 482 horsepower from the Performance Battery Plus, which jumps to 562-horses with its Overboost Power feature with launch control. Maximum torque is 479 lb-ft. right from a dig, and the Taycan can sprint to 100km/h in four seconds flat. At nearly 4,700-pounds, this is significant, and like any other electric vehicle, power is simply instantaneous and builds with serious urgency. Adding some theater is the Electric Sport Sound feature, that sounds exactly like how I would assume a UFO would sound like, and while gimmicky, it’s cool as hell.

Higher trim levels like the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S (yeah, we know…) offer even more power, but the 4S is really the sweet spot in the lineup. It’s plenty fast for everyday use, and may even be too much power for some drivers. There’s a permanent magnet synchronous motor on each axle, and launch control means taking off brings a considerable amount of organ rearrangement for occupants.

Fling the Taycan into a corner and it becomes evident that this is a real Porsche. The steering is well weighted and the low center of gravity means this sports sedan corners with confidence. The rear-based all-wheel-drive system ensures grip is always there, and the Taycan is good at hiding its weight. It doesn’t feel artificial like most EVs do, and there’s ample balance to easily carve those on-ramps without thinking twice.

The suspension is an aluminum double wishbone front setup, with a multi-link layout in the rear. The adaptive air suspension means ride quality remains compliant, and the combination of that and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) ensures it’s well-sorted regardless of the environment, including the pothole-ridden streets of downtown Toronto.

Porsche claims an EPA range of 320 kilometers from this model, but our test vehicle was consistently showing range in the 420-430 kilometer range on a full charge. With a maximum 270-kilowatt supercharger, the Taycan 4S can charge up to 80% in under 23 minutes. Our Level 2 home charger was able to pull off a full charge overnight without fail, meaning this car is extremely usable provided you have access to charging. Those trying to squeeze the most range out of the Taycan can set the drive mode selector on the steering wheel to the “Range” setting, which sets the car up for maximum efficiency.

Pricing for the Taycan 4S starts at $120,500, and as with everything in Porsche’s lineup, a wide range of options is available. Our tester was equipped to the tune of $157,000, including a $8,190 Premium Package, 21-inch Exclusive Design wheels, rear-axle steering, the Performance Battery Plus, and more. It’s an eye-roller to see adaptive cruise control as part of a $4,110 package, and that Porsche actually wants $600 for heated seats.

The 2022 Porsche Taycan 4S doesn’t really have any rivals at the moment – at least, not until the Mercedes-Benz EQS hits production very soon. It also sits alone as an electric vehicle that tries to be fun, and succeeds. I may be the type of enthusiast who loves the smell of gasoline, the response of a naturally aspirated large-displacement engine, and rowing my own gears, but colour me interested. As long as I have my fair-weather toys, I’ve more than come around to the idea of driving one of these spectacular things every single day of the year.

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