2021 Ford Edge ST-Line

The Edge feels planted without excessive body motions even with the added ride height.
The Edge feels planted without excessive body motions even with the added ride height.

by Nelson Chong | August 27, 2021


Ford has made a bold move in recent years to stop the sale of all non-utility vehicles in North America, with the exception of the Mustang. The 2021 Ford Edge ST-Line is one of the reasons why Ford is able to make this move. The Edge is Ford’s first mid-sized crossover, and has achieved great reception as it was one of the first with a sleek design. The Edge is focused on being stylish with better on road manners.

One of the Edge’s attributes is its handsome looks, making it a pioneer for the sleek SUVs that are so prevalent on the roads today. The ST-Line adds a body kit making the Edge look lower and more aerodynamic. The front grille is fully blacked out with a honeycomb design, and the front lip pokes out with no regard to approach angles. The ST-Line’s exterior is meant to grab attention with gloss black 20-inch wheels and LED headlights.

The interior of the Ford Edge is a decent place to be with simplistic designs. Materials are carefully selected with soft-touch materials at all the major touch points with hard plastics everywhere else. The ST-Line gives the Edge some aluminum pedals and red stitching for a sportier interior design. The seats looks and feel great using leather and suede inserts.

The instrument cluster dates the interior with a central analog speedometer sandwiched between a pair of small LCD screens. The screens have pixelated graphics and a rev-counter that drivers will barely notice. The gear selector is a rotary knob instead of a lever or more modern push-button setup. The infotainment screen is the center of attention taking up substantial real estate on the console. It is a portrait-oriented 12-inch touchscreen which teleports the interior back to modern standards.

The infotainment is powered by the SYNC 4 system which is simple and easy to navigate especially with the large 12-inch display. Mobile integrations are also included with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on board as standard equipment. The navigation is also integrated with Waze to provide crowd-sourced traffic updates. The Edge has all the integration you need for a smooth and connected operation of your vehicle.

Legroom is surprisingly good for rear passengers while leaving room for a deep and spacious cargo area. With 1,110-liters of capacity behind the second row seats, the Edge can take care of your family during any excursions you decide to take. A $600 tow hitch can be added for a towing capacity of 3,500-pounds. The Edge handles the family needs just as well as the midsized sedans it replaces, with even more practicality.

Safety features are in abundance in the Edge including lane keep assist, pre collision alert with automatic emergency braking and blind spot alert. These are all part of the Ford Co-Pilot 360 package to enhance safety for occupants. Rader cruise control with lane keep assist allows for a stress free cruising experience. This system minimizes fatigue by offering a semi-automated driving experience. The Edge is equipped to make the driver and its occupants feel safe and relaxed at all times.

Out on the road, the Edge feels planted without excessive body motions even with the added ride height. It’s nimble around town with effortless steering with easy maneuvering. The all-wheel-drive system ensures the Edge is sure footed at all times by constantly balancing torque and delivering power to the axle with the most grip. The system works with various sensors and adjusts torque even before slip is detected. As a result, the Ford Edge hides its weight well feeling agile and planted most times.

Excellent handling on a taller vehicle like the Edge usually means sacrifice to ride comfort, and this is no exception. The Edge feels stiff but still comfortable in most conditions, however certain road imperfections result in jarring vibrations throughout the cabin. I wouldn’t mind tipping this level of balance for a bit more comfort in the Edge.

Power on this trim comes from the 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Output is 250 horsepower at 5,500RPM and 280 lb-ft. of torque at 3,000RPM. The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engine performs with a narrow powerband with some turbo lag, and the gearbox is also slow to shift. It is a strong powerplant but the power band is narrow. The turbocharger does help the Edge to attain excellent fuel ratings of 11.4L/100km city and 8.3L/100km highway for a combined rating of 10.0L/100km.

The Edge ST-Line is priced at $40,799 with options quickly adding up to our as-tested sticker of $46,249. The most expensive option is the AWD system for $2,000 but it’s well worth it for Canadian winters. Key competitors at the moment include the Toyota Venza with similar well equipped mid-trim offerings and priced at $44,745. The Venza offers a more upscale comfortable interior as well as a hybrid powertrain. However it falls way short in capacity and leg room versus the Edge. Other options worth mentioning include the Chevrolet Blazer and Honda Passport.

The 2021 Ford Edge ST-Line is an adequate family vehicle with lots of style and decent practically. Ford’s ability to inject more style and car like handling to the Edge is the main reason why most would choose it. However the Edge is overall dated, and could benefit from a full redesign rather than just a mid-cycle refresh. Until then, the Escape sits in Ford’s lineup with a slew of trim levels and a much more modern architecture.

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