Sailun Tire honours essential workers with a night at the drive-in

Sailun Tire honours essential workers with a night at the drive-in

Sometimes modern problems require old-school solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created some interesting times. For many, the world simply stopped overnight. Yet for others, the daily grind simply got more dangerous. After all, the world still needs firefighters and paramedics and nurses and home care staff, even more so during a pandemic. Hard, dangerous work like that deserves to be recognized, so Sailun Tire Americas decided to show their appreciation for essential workers by organizing a socially-distanced night at the drive-in. One hundred and sixty cars full of first responders, essential workers and key partners descended upon the 5 Drive-In in Oakville, Ont. for a night of cinema.

Kevin Lake, Vice President of Marketing at Sailun Tire Americas, spoke about the personal and professional motivations to give back to the community by holding the drive-in movie event when he said, “We’ve had some amazing people we know of on the frontlines and we just wanted to show our appreciation for what they have done and continue to do.” Indeed, part of this moviegoing experience included special presentations honouring first responders on the big screen.

Attendees were able to score snacks, donate non-perishable items to local food banks and enter in a raffle draw for a new set of Sailun tires. As social distancing measures continue to keep people safely apart, the role of car culture takes on a more significant, more universal standing. While cars have always provided transportation and a sense of community, they’re now helping social events like Sailun’s drive-in movie night to safely happen while other social gatherings remain at a standstill. It’s a touch of the freedom felt in the fifties when suburban youth congregated at drive-in restaurants and theatres, their cars acting as a mainstream social access point and an embodiment of adventure.

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