Top Five Countries That Love Racing

Top Five Countries That Love Racing

They say that the oldest Olympic sport was foot racing.

It seems that since mankind first stood upright, we have dreamed of going as fast as possible. Since we first developed automobiles, we have been racing them for sport and entertainment. Car culture has now reached every country around the world, and people love to customize their vehicles for performance and aesthetics. While many destinations around are excellent for racing, there are several that stand out among the best. From Italy to Japan, here are the top five countries for racing and car culture.


If we are discussing countries that love racing, it would be criminal to not first mention Italy. Automotive racing and Italy go hand in hand here, and the contributions Italy has provided will never be forgotten. First off, some of the highest performance vehicles in the world were designed and created in Italy, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and even the quick and mobile Fiats. The country simply has a love affair with quick, high-performance vehicles.

In addition to incredible vehicles, Italy also has a deep lineage of professional racers that have set the standard worldwide. Both Mario Andretti and Enzo Ferrari are from Italy, in addition to many other notable racers. The legacy of these drivers is far too extensive to touch on here, but the history of auto racing simply would not be the same without them.


Japan is another country that is well known to racing enthusiasts worldwide. In many ways, Japan is the home of car lovers and racing in Asia and this is the case for many decades. The aura and mystery surrounding the racing scene here is legendary, with many high stakes races being held on the streets of megacities like Tokyo.

In addition to the many different racing circuits and events, Japan just has an incredible car and motorcycle culture that is well respected. From low riding high-performance drift cars to astro vans or American muscle cars, the country has them all with dedicated followers of each type of vehicle. Japan also has a flair for aesthetics, with many of these cars being customized and painted in exotic colors and patterns, which really is the heart and soul of the Japanese car scene.


Spain is often considered one of the best destinations worldwide for racing fanatics. Barcelona is one of Europe’s hippest destinations and home to main eSports and technology fairs but it also has a deep love for stock car and motorcycle racing events. The annual calendar is filled with different competitions that attract thousands of people to the city every year. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya hosts not only motorcycle and automotive races, but bicycle races as well. Overall, this country is one of the best for racing enthusiasts.

United States

The United States has long been one of the biggest countries when it comes to racing and car culture. While vehicle manufacturing is barely a shadow of what it once was, we cannot forget how much America has contributed over the years from the Model T, Detroit automotive manufacturing, truck culture, and American muscle cars.

Though manufacturing is not what it once was, the racing scene here is still thriving. From the entire sport of Nascar racing to the Indy 500 and other massive international races, the USA really has it all. Cities like Daytona, Florida are some of the biggest racing destinations in the world. The love for racing far exceeds the typical stock car racing, however. There are many other types of racing here from a motorcycle, to dirt bike, quad racing and more.


Germany is one of the biggest manufacturing centers in all of Europe. Some of the best and most respectable vehicles in the world are manufactured in Germany like Audi, Mercedes, BMW and more. With the incredible car culture found here, you can be assured that there are numerous racing events throughout the year. From Formula 1 races to the German Grand Prix, there are many international events that draw professional racers from all backgrounds. For car lovers everywhere, Germany truly is an amazing place for racing and car culture alike.


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