The 2017 GTR shows off facelift in New York

The 2017 GTR is facelifted and more powerful.
The 2017 GTR is facelifted and more powerful.

by Peter Gregorian | March 23, 2016


The R35 generation 0f the Nissan GTR originally made its debut in 2007. The design was progressive and modern, being a huge step up from the R34. Performance was a bargain with the R35, the twin turbo V6 being able to keep up with the most common supercars at the time. For 2017, the Nissan GTR, isn’t fully redesigned, but returns with a new fascia and upped performance numbers. 2017_nissan_gtr_22

The most noticeable change to the GTR is the exterior. The matte finished, new signature V-Design grille helps provide better air flow for engine cooling. The hood has been redesigned to provide better high speed stability and a redesigned front lip, bumpers and rear diffuser makes the GTR look like a proper racecar while also generating high levels of downforce. The GTR is wider and more aggressive looking but maintains a drag coefficient of 0.26. The GTR keeps its iconic 4 ring tail lights and quad exhaust tips.

Performance in the 2017 GTR comes from a 3.8L Twin Turbo V6 engine. Horsepower is upped by 20 to now produce 565 HP, and torque receives a mere 4 lb.-ft. bump. Sound is pumped into the cabin using Active Sound Enhancement to provide a more wholesome driving experience. A refined 6 speed dual clutch works more efficiently reducing the sound produced from the transmission while delivering quicker shifts. New 20″ wheels help provide better handling.


Inside the cabin is a refreshed interior with the instrument panel wrapped in a single, seamless piece of hand-selected Nappa leather. The dashboard provides a more driver oriented feel with updated leather and materials to reduce weight. The front seats are lighter and more comfortable thanks to a new side-support construction. The center dashboard layout is more simplistic using only 11 buttons for audio and navigation controls. An 8-inch touch-panel monitor replaces the 7-inch one and now features large icons on the display screen.

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