Hyundai unveils two concepts at CIAS 2016

Hyundai unveils two concepts at CIAS 2016

The Hyundai Santa Cruz and Enduro are two new concepts that Hyundai aims to bring to market in the near-future!

This year Hyundai has been on a role, launching new lines and new vehicles. Introducing it’s new Genesis line as its break through into the luxury market is a bold move, just as bold as the designs of its two new concept vehicles.

IMG_0651Santa Cruz Concept

The Santa Cruz is Hyundai’s entry into the midsize pickup truck segment. Its modern design elements are meant to attract young millennial buyers who live in urban environments. The Santa Cruz’s underlying feature is its flexibility to be as practical as a truck but have the driving characteristics of a passenger car which makes it ideal for “Urban Adventurers”. IMG_0641


The bold design is what catches the eye first. With a wide stance and aggressive fascia, the Santa Cruz does not look like a truck to mess with. A large hexagonal grille along with the LED headlights and projector fog lights enhances the futuristic design. Around back, the Santa Cruz features rear hinged doors that integrate into the front door design. This adds easy access to the rear seats. Items accented in green indicate areas where items can be tied down, adding extra utility. The expandable bed is a notable feature, as it can be easily reconfigured and extended for longer cargo. The bed utilizes a unique drawer-like sliding function to expand the bed space. When fully extended, the Santa Cruz gains the same ability as a midsize pickup, reiterating the Santa Cruz’s ability to transform.


Since the primary goal of the Santa Cruz was to attract buyers in the CUV and passenger car segment, the engine is focused on efficiency rather than payload. The concept achieves 7.8l/100km using a 2.0-liter turbo diesel powertrain with 190 horsepower and 300 lb.-ft. of torque. Despite the focus on efficiency, the Santa Cruz delivers substantial torque. Hyundai’s HTRAC All-wheel drive system and upped ground clearance, provide additional capability to get customers through every road situation. Bringing the vehicle to a stop are large Brembo brakes which is a nice cherry on top!


Enduro Concept

On first glance, the Enduro concept looks like a face-lifted and “rugged-ized” Veloster. Debuting at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show, the Enduro is Hyundai’s CUV concept. It is possible this may be the company’s attempt at a CX-3 or HR-V competitor. The concept is targeted to the same crowd that Hyundai hopes to attract with its Santa Cruz truck, so it makes sense that both have been released at the same time.


The design highlights Hyundai’s new design direction with the, now, signature hexagonal front grille and aluminum aero blades to complement the sporty, futuristic look. The Enduro has raised ground clearance and combined with SUV-style fender cladding and a dark grey garnish on lower parts of the vehicle generates a sporty vibe. The C-pillars have unique aerodynamic “wings” to reduce drag which incorporate side view cameras and the side-skirts function as step bars for easier loading/unloading of the roof rack.


There is lots of room left for speculation with the Enduro, which is far from production, but as powertrain goes, we can guess it will feature the same 2.0l 4-Cylinder found in most of Hyundai’s vehicles. It would make sense to come in both a Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive variant but that is up to Hyundai.IMG_0637


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