First Ride: 2015 Honda GROM

First Ride: 2015 Honda GROM

Some initial impressions |

The smallest motorcycle (both in physical size as well as displacement) that I have ridden to date.

I spent a few days on the 2015 Honda GROM, the smallest motorcycle (both in physical size as well as displacement) that I have ridden to date. Here are some of my initial impressions:



  • The GROM is noticeably tiny at only 178 lbs
  • Gets looks wherever it goes; everybody wants to know what it is
  • Looks particularly sharp in black; doesn’t look anything like a scooter



  • LCD instrument cluster has a full plethora of features for such a small bike
  • Fuel gauge
  • Clock
  • Dual trip computers
  • Linear tachometer
  • Turn signals were sturdy and didn’t feel cheaply built like the Yamaha FZ-07/FZ-09



  • For a taller rider (5’11”), not comfortable for long distances; knees hit/resting on a curve in the fairing
  • Need to be hanging off of the foot pedals with toes to be comfortable
  • I needed to sit a little further back on the seat to be comfortable, which makes for less nimbleness



  • Extremely fun to zip around town on
  • Dips and turns without hesitation
  • Low speed manoeuvring is ridiculously easy (bike is super light at 178 lbs, low centre of gravity)
  • 125cc motor is more than I expected
  • Legal on the 400-series highways, hits terminal velocity around 109 km/h
  • 4-speed transmission has relatively long gear ratios
  • Does not feel pushed or stressed when ridden spiritedly
  • Simply not enough power for long-distance highway riding. Ideal cruising speed is in the 90 km/h range, tops out in this same range if there is an incline
  • Incredibly easy to ride



  • Easiest bike to ride I have experienced to date
  • Tons of fun on inside streets
  • Very cheap at $3,200


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