2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to Offer Extra Powerful S-Model

MB to release a C63 AMG S-Model

Horsepower will be increased significantly in the new model of C63.
MB to release a C63 AMG S-Model

Horsepower will be increased significantly in the new model of C63.

by DoubleClutch.ca Staff | July 18, 2014


The new C-Class from Mercedes-Benz for 2015 that was announced earlier this year is an awesome car in and of itself. But of course we’re still waiting for the master mechanics in Affalterbach to debut the all-new C63 AMG, powered by the all new AMG 4.0 litre V8 Biturbo Engine.







We’ve heard from Mercedes-Benz that among the coupe, wagon and high-performance Black Series AMG models we will see, a C63 S-Model will be in the works as well.







AMG’s S-Models offer a bit of extra umph for its already hard-core models. The current E63 AMG S-Model, offers a whopping 577 horsepower while the standard E63 AMG makes do with 550 ponies. Similarly, it is reported the C63 AMG S-Model will deliver 503 horsepower, the current highest output of the new 4.0-litre engine, meanwhile the standard C63 AMG will only deliver 470 hp. Both versions will be expected to have the same torque output.



The new C63 is expected to perform better than the outgoing model. The previous C63 AMG is rated at 451 horsepower and a bump of 20 or 53 horsepower, depending on variant. Pair that with a new lightweight platform, and the new C63 will have the extra get-up-and-go that was needed from the previous model.



We can expect the C63 AMG to make its appearance at the 2014 Paris Auto Show in October or the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show the following month.


Source: MotorAuthority

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