2014 Honda NC750X

2014 Honda NC750X

A very well-rounded everyday ride |

Awesome handling, easy to ride, good fuel economy and a compliant suspension that handles any paved road condition with confidence.


The all-new 2014 Honda NC750X proves itself to be an almost perfect all-around bike. Awesome handling, easy to ride, good fuel economy and a compliant suspension that handles any paved road condition with confidence. When this is coupled with a standard riding position and the onboard storage capacity of a scooter, one wonders why we never actually see many NC700Xs or NC750xs on the road!


2014 Honda NC750X fairing decal

Ride and Handling

The NC provides a very stable and rider-friendly experience through its wide handlebars, reasonable seat height and neutral steering. It takes on a stance similar to an adventure touring bike complete with its beak-like protrusion just under the headlight. Standard ABS is confidence-inspiring on wet roads or pock-marked back roads. The NC would make for a great ride for both beginners and experienced riders looking for a functional motorcycle that’s excellent to use on a day-to-day basis. The non-adjustable front suspension only slightly pogo’ed under course correction through brisk sweepers.


2014 Honda NC750X rear 1/4



The 2014 NC750x is a 2013 NC700x with a 4mm increase in bore, giving it a little more torque on an already broad and flat torque range. On quick take-offs, the 6500 rpm rev-limit comes on quick and requires some fast shifting made easy by the snappy and definitive shifter that never missed a beat. Gears one through five are made for city riding with a higher strung sixth gear that puts you at about 3000 rpm at 100 and 3500 rpm at 120. Quick downshifts were necessary for passing on the highway. The engine and transmission work very well together and gives you a broad sweet spot making riding very easy and enjoyable.



The NC750X is pretty standard in terms of features. However, it has a couple neat toys that the everyday commuter would find useful. For instance, there’s a huge storage compartment where the gas tank would typically be located on a motorcycle of this class. This cubby is actually big enough to hold a full-size helmet, so the days of having to lug your helmet around are gone. It can also hold camera gear or rain gear. The gas nozzle itself is located under the rear seat, lockable as well.


2014 Honda NC750X decal



This bike could really be almost everything to anybody. However in Canada where a motorcycle is still considered a seasonal vehicle this is not a bike the average person would give a second glance to. If it was a little sharper looking, or if you can get past the slightly awkward looks, the 2014 NC750X is nothing short of a brilliantly-engineered all-around motorcycle. With some minor accessory additions (all available from Honda), the NC750X will be able to suit the needs of all types of riders and riding styles. This could very well be the only bike you would ever need.


2014 Honda NC750X Gallery



Price as tested             $9199.00

Engine Type                Liquid-cooled parallel-twin

Displacement              745 cc

Bore & Stroke             77 mm x 80 mm

Compression Rati      10.7:1

Valve Train                 Chain-driven SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder

Fuel Delivery              EFI

Transmission             Six-speed

Final Drive                 O-ring-sealed chain

Rear Suspension       Single shock, Pro-Link swingarm

Tires                            120/70ZR – 17 radial front; 160/60ZR – 17 radial rear

Brakes                         ABS

Seat Height                830 mm (32.7 in.)

Wheelbase                  1,540 mm (60.6 in.)

Curb Weight              219 kg (483 lb) including required fluids and full tank of gas

Fuel Capacity            14.1 litres

Color                           Metallic Silver

Warranty                   12 months, unlimited mileage

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