Volvo LifePaint is an initiative to save lives

Volvo LifePaint is an initiative to save lives

Volvo furthers its focus on safety by introducing the new LifePaint.

Volvo released a new consumer product recently branded as LifePaint. What seems, at first, as only a brilliant marketing initiative to raise awareness about Volvo’s core values of safety and technology, is actually much more. LifePaint is essentially reflective body spray for pedestrians or cyclists. It works using reflective properties that illuminate only in the dark when exposed to direct light. It is recommended to be applied to textiles but, as seen under their social media campaign hashtag (#VolvoLifePaint), has been used in more creative ways.


Click on this image to see LifePaint’s invisible properties!

Volvo LifePaint is water-based, reflective and is completely washable when you’re done with it. It’s important to mention that LifePaint will not damage any surface it’s applied to, and is not permanent in the slightest.


See how LifePaint works!

The new LifePaint ties into Volvo’s corporate social responsibility and their goal of eliminating serious injury or death in Volvo vehicles by the year 2020. They call this initiative “Vision 2020″ and although this is without a doubt a large goal, it is definitely a step in the right direction and is something all auto manufacturers should begin to focus on. Kudos to Volvo for this awesome safety initiative, and their devotion towards making our roads a safer place to be!


*Media information courtesy of Volvo Canada*

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