Tesla Model S Goes Big

Tesla Model S Goes Big

The electric grabs the leadThe Model S stands out from its competitors

The Tesla Model S is outselling its competitors from Germany.  The Model S electric sedan is compared to similarly-priced luxury cars such as the BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which isn’t truly fair because the Model S’ powertrain is very different from those models’ gas, diesel and hybrid engines, but it does display the success Tesla has found with its first mainstream model.


Tesla Model S


LMC Automotive reports that from January to March of this year, 4,750 Tesla Model Ss were registered in the US while only 3,077 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans, 2,338 BMW 7-series models and 1,462 Audi A8s found homes.



To be fair, as CNN pointed out, Tesla buyers have only one option to choose while Audi, BMW and Mercedez-Benz buyers have an incredibly wide range to select from. Tesla also lacks major competition in its area and receives a $7,500 federal tax credit from the Environmental Protection Agency contributing towards its better pricing.


Tesla Model S


On the other hand, the company also has fewer show rooms and its cars can’t be sold directly to buyers in many states because it refuses to franchise out its dealerships.



Source: Left Lane News

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