Tesla Roadster details could be coming later this week

Tesla Roadster details could be coming later this week

Tesla Roadster could feature a new battery pack. But when will we actually get a next-gen Roadster from Tesla?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised that details on an updated Tesla Roadster model would be revealed this week. Musk tweeted “Roadster update details coming next week. Several crisis issues w higher priority pushed this out longer than expected.”







It was further reported by Autoblog that Tesla said “we are planning on I think a fairly exciting upgrade to the Roadster. I’m hoping we can get it done later this year.”



The upgrade that will most likely come for the Roadster would be the upgraded battery pack that is found in the Tesla Model S lineup. This could give the Roadster a lot more efficiency and a range up to 400 miles or 643 km per charge.



Yet, some details still remain unclear. When will Tesla replace the ageing roadster entirely? Musk did give some insight into this matter of a next-generation car, but still did not give any details about performance targets or a production timetable. Stay tuned at www.DoubleClutch.ca


Source: LeftLaneNews

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