The Speed Race: Hennessey Promises ‘Venom F5′ Will Reach 290 MPH

John Hennessey Claims 290Mph is possible. Venom F5 will have 1,400 HP

Just like the Cold War in the 60s between the United States and Russia—Bugatti and Hennessey have been viciously competing to claim the coveted top speed record. With all the controversial issues that have been circulating this record it has been almost impossible to claim which manufacturer has the fastest production vehicle. Electronic speed limiters removed on the Bugatti even though no ‘modifications’ are allowed by Guiness. The Hennessey Venom only reached a top speed of 270 mph on one run as compared to two runs which are required.  Now, Hennessey plans to outdo themselves by creating the new, more powerful version, the Venom F5.






The Venom F5’s name derives from the Fujita tornado scale that is more commonly used in the United States. F5 being the worst possible tornado with wind speeds of 261 mph (420 Km/hr) to 318 mph (515 km/hr). Of course, these types of tornados are rare, and seeing the new Venom F5 on the street will be rare too since potential buyers should be ready to pay more than $1.2 million (the price of the outgoing Venom GT) for one. However for a car that John Hennessey believes can go 290 mph (466 km/hr), maybe that number is fitting.



With a 7.0-liter V8 that is twin-turbocharged, expecting to put out around 1,400 horsepower perhaps that number is plausible. But for now we will have to wait until official launch details are released. Either way the Hennessey boys down in Texas have done an amazing job at showing just how far they have come and how far they will go.



Source: LeftLane

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