Four Iconic Cars from the Movies

Four Iconic Cars from the Movies

There are lots of different and interesting reasons that people became gear heads.

There are so many fun stories about why people fell in love with cars, about what captured people’s imaginations and about what was so special about the machines that take us from place to place. There are so many things to love about cars, so many great memories to be made around them, when thinking about them and when looking to buy one.

For some, it might be that first car you ever drove, that amazing feeling of being able to go anywhere, to do anything and to have a freedom that only a car can give you. For others it might have been the first time you remember even being in a car, the time your mum or dad drove you somewhere and you felt safe and sound as they safely and calmly drove you to a place. A car as a child can feel like a place free from worries, of unlimited possibilities and of real fun.

It could have been an advert, seeing an expensive supercar on a poster, on a billboard or on TV in one of the many iconic TV adverts there have been that feature cars. However for many people, it was in a film that they first saw a car they loved. Whether it was in an exciting chase, used as a prop to illustrate the power and wealth of a character or if it was, in some cases, a character itself, cars in films have this special power and a unique ability to seem even more exciting than if you just see them on the road.

So many films have been defined by cars, whole franchises have been shaped around cars and posters and adverts around films have been sold by displaying some of the amazing cars that will be on show. Some cars in films are particularly iconic, have a special kind of magic that is hard to match. These are four of the most memorable ones.

Aston Martin DBS V12 (James Bond: Casino Royale)

There is something very glamorous about combining cars with casinos. A casino is a place of real style and sophistication, a place that drips with a special atmosphere. One that is, amazingly, now being recreated online as well as in person. Websites like can point you to some of the best casinos to explore if you want to feel like James Bond.

In Casino Royale, his Aston Martin is the essence of cool. It is powerful, it is sleek, it is sexy and according to, is still seen as one of the greatest bond cars. It is a car to fall in love with.

four iconic cars

Volkswagen Beetle (The Love Bug)

Cars don’t always have to be amazing, stunning supercars for you to fall in love with them. Sometimes they can be simple and modest and Herbie, a Volkswagen Beetle, from The Love Bug and many films thereafter is one of those. It was a simple and fun car, a car that showed that driving was supposed to be about the thrill and joy of it, as opposed to just getting from A to B, for many young people it’s the first car they dreamed about having.

Lightning McQueen (Cars)

Animated films give filmakers the chance to make cars into real things, into characters with opinions, ideas, dreams and other human like qualities. Cars is a great example of this with Lightning Mcqueen as the hero who wants to be loved and appreciated. The idea of cars as humans can mean we form even closer bonds with them and, for children, can be an introduction to cars and a lifelong love of them.

DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future)

A classic film with a superb premise, the Delorean was the dream car of so many young people who hoped to be like their heros and travel back into the future. The car was never hyped up, never shown as some kind of object of desire, but was simply shown as a tool, as the key to doing something special. This left an impression on many young people. It was a special film with a special car to go along with it.

four iconic cars


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