Bugatti to Succeed the Veryon With a 1,500hp Supercar

Bugatti to Succeed the Veryon With a 1,500hp Supercar

What is too much horsepower? Bugatti set to release a 1,500HP roadcar.

Following Bugatti’s loss of their top-speed record of 268mph to the Hennessey Venom GT this past February, Bugatti is now claiming they are developing a replacement to the Veryon, scheduled to be unveiled in 2015.







When the world was first introduced to the Veryon many of us though it would be the last of its kind, a car that is just so ludicrous to exist in a world where we lose more and more precious oil every day and potential Veryon customers, albeit very few, are looking towards hybrid supercars such as the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918, or the LaFerrari.




Following in those supercars’ footsteps, a Bugatti spokesperson has confirmed that there will indeed be a next generation that will not disappoint. Bugatti plans to surpass their hybrid-supercar competitors by mating the mighty W16 engine to a hybrid electric motor that will pump out a ridiculous 1,500-horsepower.



Bugatti plans to produce only 450 of this Veryon successor. If however you are still in the market for the current-generation $2.4 million supercar do not worry! There are still 20 examples of the Veryon left in stock.



Source: LeftLane



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