BlackBerry Releases Limited Edition Black and Gold Passports

BlackBerry Releases Limited Edition Black and Gold Passports

BlackBerry releases a Black and Gold Passport. BlackBerry will only release 50 of these devices.

The Canadian telecommunication  company BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research in Motion, is said to be releasing a fourth version of its BlackBerry Passport smartphone. Already available in three different colours: Black, white, and red. Today, BlackBerry has added a limited edition black and gold passport.





Only 50 of these golden Passports will be sold. Pricing for the limited edition BlackBerry will be $899 USD and $999 in Canada. In exchange for 10 Bordens, you will get a black BlackBerry Passport with a gold-coloured stainless steel frame and keyboard frets. The side of the device will have the words “Limited Edition” and the device’s production number out of 50.



Although to some, the gold Passport may be a little too blingy, I actually find the Limited edition Black and Gold BlackBerry Passport quite attractive. The golden accents give it a classy look, instead of an ostentatious completely gold body. While it isn’t real gold, this Passport is within the reach of many consumers looking to get an attractive device. Plus, who wants to spend $3000 on a smartphone?

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