Event: Take off in a Genesis G70

It has always been a dream to drive down an airport runway, flat-out and pedal to the metal.
It has always been a dream to drive down an airport runway, flat-out and pedal to the metal.

by Ben So | June 18, 2019


It has always been a dream of ours, to drive down an airport runway, flat-out and pedal to the metal. When we received an invitation from Genesis Motors asking if we would be interested for the opportunity to do exactly that, and not just at any airport but at the Toronto Pearson Airport, the second busiest International airport in North America, our answer was a resounding YES. What makes this opportunity even better is that the car we get to drive is the one we awarded the DoubleClutch.ca Car of the Year, the Genesis G70 (reviewed here).

Event: Take off in a Genesis G70 review

The event we are covering today is the 2019 Runway Event, hosted by Hyundai Canada. We had the chance to take part in this special customer appreciation event, created to celebrate the brand’s accomplishments. It also solidifies the partnership between Genesis and the Toronto Pearson International Airport GTAA, as well as giving current and prospective owners a taste of the G70 3.3T sedan in a high-speed, performance-oriented setting.

2018 was a great year for the Genesis brand, as it became the fastest growing brand in Canada. Genesis decided to bring back the G70 for the 2020 model year mostly unchanged, adding a power-operated trunk and a new 3.3T Prestige trim. They are focused on building on its distribution network along with building on brand awareness through the partnership with the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Prospective buyers will notice the specially placed advertisements throughout the airport, they can check out the G70 and even book a test drive at the boutique located inside the gates.

Event: Take off in a Genesis G70 review

Onto the 2019 Runway Event, the specialness certainly lies in that it took place on the runway at one of the busiest airports in North America. Genesis had set up three sections; a high speed autocross follow by a slalom, a high speed acceleration stretch, and a low speed winding handling course. The G70 3.3T performed admirably in all scenarios, more than holding its own against any challenges we threw at it.

In Sport mode, the G70’s all-wheel-drive system has the ability to send 80 to 100% of its power to the rear wheels, and with the help of its mechanical limited slip differential system, we were able to get through the course tidily with minimal understeer felt. The G70 felt planted to the ground as we flung it from one direction to another, and we received great feedback from the steering throughout the day. The Brembo brakes were excellent as well, offering us predictability and minimal fade in stopping power. During our straight-line acceleration test, the 365-horsepwer twin-turbo 3.3L V6 engine delivered effortless power throughout the stretch and there was no let up until way past 150 km/h.

Event: Take off in a Genesis G70 review

The 2020 Genesis G70 3.3T Prestige is priced at $56,000, and the top of the line 3.3T Sport is $58,000. It is worth mentioning that all Genesis pricing includes delivery and destination, and a complimentary 5-year scheduled maintenance plan.

*Photos courtesy of Genesis Motors*

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