Love motorbikes and gambling? – Must check-out Slots Angels

Love motorbikes and gambling? – Must check-out Slots Angels

If you’re someone who ardently loves motorbikes and gambling, Slots Angels is an online slot game you must definitely check out.

It’s a 30-payline and 5-reel 3D online slot game that provides you with the thrill of the road as you ride down the highway on your Harley! You become an honorary member of a bike gang called ‘Slots Angels,’ and get to ride alongside the gang, cheering everyone as they travel. One of the best high definition 3D online slots of the recent times, Slots Angels can be played on a Mac, Windows and/or a Linux computer.

Theme of the game

As also briefly explained above, this game is all about bikers who’re fond of rock music, rugged outfits and rebellious behaviour. All these features bring a lot of authenticity to the game. If you’ve ever dreamt of going on an adventurous bike tour (such as these kinds), the game provides just the right platform to experience how it feels. However, you must prove your worthiness to the gang, through your attitude and skills.

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The symbols on the Slots Angels reels include gang members, billiard balls, dart boards, portals, lighters, motorcycles, biker chics and bars. Although the gang leader constantly watches your every spin, from one end of the game board, you can also see him making regular appearances on the reels, along with his gang.

Features of the game

Among various special features of the game is re-spins in that comes with increasing multipliers which get activated post every spin. This multiplier increases by 1x, 2x, 3x and finally 5x as you continue winning in the game. It gives you an excellent opportunity to score huge wins at every level of the game. Please note, it’s only the centre reel that spins during the re-spin. Resultantly, your chances of winning handsome rewards increase significantly.

Apart from that, there is a Click-Me bonus round that gets activated whenever 3 dart symbols appear anywhere on the screen. Select 3 dart boards during this round and you’d be awarded an instant prize.


Betting limits

The coin values in this game fall anywhere between 0.02 and 0.50. The maximum bet amount comes to 150 credits if you play all the 30 pay lines. The game also has a standard and a progressive jackpot. While it may not be as high as in case of this life-changing win, it’s still good enough to be counted as a decent win.


Anytime 3 or more bottle symbols appear anywhere on the screen you are awarded Party Free Spins, wherein the centre reel of the game turns wild and the entire gang comes together to cheer you on as you score huge wins.

You’re taken to another bonus round if you land 3 or more Lead Biker symbols on the reels. Herein you get an excellent chance to win some extra credits by selecting one of the 3 bikers who then participates in a thrilling race with others. The extent of your prize would depend on the number of riders your biker overtakes. You’d be handed the top prize if he manages to come first.



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