Honda Debuts the 2016 Honda Pilot

Honda Debuts the 2016 Honda Pilot

Honda unveils the 2016 Honda Pilot!

Will feature updated styling and a lighter frame.

Honda has just revealed the 2016 Honda Pilot here in Toronto, and in Chicago. Now in its third generation, the all-new 2016 Honda Pilot hasn’t strayed too far away from its main purpose, a three-row family-hauler. Compared to the very box-like model it replaces, the new Pilot is now styled to closely resemble the latest crossovers from Honda.






The new Pilot is now three inches longer than the model it replaces, primarily to the benefit of cargo space. There is also now more space for ingress and egress thanks to a power folding second row that opens a wider space in order to fit all eight passengers. Interior features have also been increased, with an abundance of power outlets, and USB ports. Not to mention a large panoramic roof.



honda2016pilot-17-1 honda2016pilot-37-1



Despite the increase in its length, the new Pilot is actually 300 pounds lighter over its predecessor. It is also built on a more rigid platform, to increase handling and crashworthiness. Power comes from a 3.5-liter V6 with a lot of features added in to make it as economical as possible. The i-VTEC engine will have direct injection, cylinder deactivation, stop/start ignition and an automatic transmission with an optional six or nine speed. This will be Honda’s first attempt at a nine-speed transmission. Buyers will also be able to choose between front- or all-wheel drive.



Full technical specifications and pricing are still on the way; stay tuned here at for more from the CIAS in Toronto.

Source: AutoBlog

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