Saab alive again with 9-3 EV in Production

Saab alive again with 9-3 EV in Production

Back from the dead, Saab has a new 9-3

under NEVS – the new car will be an electric version and will only get about 32 kilometres of range.

Saab is back, again. In the hands of NEVS(National Electric Vehicle Sweden) the owners, promised to start production of the 9-3 and turn it into an electric vehicle, and that is exactly what they are doing.


NEVS has started building the first models of the 9-3 EV. About 200 examples are being sent to Qingdao to be tested. The EVs have the batteries mounted down low for a low center of gravity and on a full charge the car will have a range of about 32 kilometres. Compared to other EV models on the market, the 9-3 EV doesn’t have a large range in the slightest. The Nissan Leaf can travel more than four times the distance and the Tesla Model S will travel 10 times farther.


Hopefully NEVS will be able to get ahold of a battery tech to create something that will make the car more desirable and will actually go a fair distance.


Source: Jalopnik

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