Different Types of Performance Driving

Different Types of Performance Driving

The second iteration to our introduction to performance driving series.

Let’s face it, at some point in your life (or maybe even still) you thought to yourself “I am a Driving God”. I vividly recall thinking this when I was a young man hooning around my neighbourhood in my little Mazda Miata. I truly believed that I was honing my elite driving skills by pushing it on the street, which in hindsight was pretty dangerous and irresponsible. I measured my development as a “Driving God” by the number of modified Civics I could burn off the lights or the amount to tire squeal I could generate from a gentle right hander. Looking back, it was all a bit juvenile, but it was also the only way to really push your car and test your driving ability at the time – or so I thought.

One summer, I learned that the local Corvette club ran regular autocross (“AutoX”) events in which cars took turns one by one as fast as they could, bobbing and weaving through traffic cones that made out a makeshift course. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and both competitors and spectators alike had big smiles on their faces. I thought to myself – “wait till they see the Driving God in action!” – I truly believed that my few years of “performance” street driving and my skillfully modified Miata would decimate the competition.



Upon arrival at the next event, I came to the sobering reality that “performance driving” is truly an art that requires a lot of dedication, instruction and seat time in proper closed venues to get proficient at – something that cannot be learned on the street.

I am very grateful that I received this reality check earlier on in my youth as it helped ignite a lifelong passion into the performance driving world, which has led to some amazing friendships and life experiences. I highly suggest you check your ego at the door and open yourself up to an amazing world by joining the performance driving community through the plethora of organized events (AutoX, Lapping, Performance Driving Instruction, Go Karting) that are available every week in your community.

~Jay Tsang



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