Volvo Reveals NEW Battery Technology

Volvo Reveals NEW Battery Technology

Volvo Reveals NEW Battery TechnologyAn almost four year old research project unveiled today that projects the use of battery powered car body panels!

It’s no secret that sustainable energy is a rising factor in most industries. The automobile industry is no different, resulting in an emphasis on electric, diesel, and hybrid cars. An abundance of research has gone into, and continues to be funneled into, the development of more environmentally friendly, cost effective technology. Volvo’s reveal maybe be the next new thing in this direction.


Volvo Battery Body Panels Diagram

The model above depicts the research that Volvo has been conducting for over three years now. In an attempt to make the batteries in electric cars lighter, cheaper, and smaller, Volvo is proposing the use of battery powered body panels. These body panels sandwich the super capacitors and battery – resulting in a 15% decrease in overall weight. The components can be charged by brake energy regeneration or simply a power outlet. Yielding in an increased driving range of up to 130 km, this new technology may change the the auto industry forever!



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