Vancouver Named Most Congested City in North America

Vancouver Named Most Congested City in North America

Vancouver with the worst traffic! Vancouver bestowed with the honour of having the worst traffic!

Whenever we think about cities with bad traffic we typically tend to think about places like New York and Los Angeles. However, in last years TomTom Traffic index study, a surprisingly Canadian location trumped the list of top 10 cities in North America with the worst traffic. That’s right ladies and gents, Vancouver was named the city with the worst traffic in North America. In total, three Canadian cities made it onto the top 10 list: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Another bewildering result was that Toronto managed to best New York’s gridlock. Meanwhile Montreal rounded off the list at number 10.

toronto traffic

Despite all this, there is still some good news that exists, TomTom’s study suggests that the congestion of Montreal and Toronto have improved over previous years results. While Vancouver only marginally trumped Los Angeles for the top spot. So, Canadian cities are seeing some improvements and hopefully in the coming years we’ll see our major cities crawl lower down the list (for our own sanity’s sake).

New York Traffic

The full list of the top ten most congested cities can be found below:

1. Vancouver

2. Los Angeles

3. San Francisco

4. Honolulu

5. Seattle

6. San Jose

7. Toronto

8. Washington

9. New York

10. Montreal


Source: Autoblog

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