Two of the best new cars on show at CES in Las Vegas

Two of the best new cars on show at CES in Las Vegas

The consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is usually a place for small electricals to be shown off.

Things like new televisions are always the rage there, they have games and peripherals, this year there were a number of robots. It’s not something you would usually associate with cars, especially since, in terms of its date, it has a degree of overlap with the Detroit Motor show which is traditionally seen as one of the biggest events in motoring.

However, Las Vegas is not just the home of casinos. And, to be honest with online casinos as good as platinum play that have world class games and a superb range of different tables to play on Vegas may not be the home of casinos for much longer. With the quality of online games increasing and the ability to play anywhere appealing to many consumers Las Vegas is starting to worry about the competition.


That is why shows like CES are becoming so important to Las Vegas as they bring so many people to the city as well as some of the world’s best companies. This year those companies included included car makers, with a handful of old names and a lot of new ones bringing concept designs to the city of sin to show off. These are early stage vehicles that might not even make it to market but a number of them showed real promise and wowed people. One even won a best of CES award. So here are two of the best cars that were on show at CES.

Byton SUV EV

Every year at CES there is always a company like Byton who come promising the earth and deliver a beautiful concept car that, if it ever made it to the road, would be something really exciting and different. Perhaps its standout feature was its absolutely huge 44 inch screen that went across the dashboard. The idea goes that in the future, when cars are autonomous, we will need something to entertain ourselves and Byton is banking on their big screen doing just that. We will see how close it makes it to market but Byton are clearly showing that they are part of the future and they are helping to point the way so we can see what we will be driving in 15-20 years time.

Aptiv and Lyft’s self-driving car

Lyft and Uber have managed to corner the ride hailing market with both offering slick and easy solutions to help consumers get rides when they need them. The future, both companies appear to think, is people being able to hail self-driving cars and thus get a ride whenever they need one without having to wait for a driver to want to make the journey to them. Lyft then partnered with self-driving manufacturer Aptiv in order to create a service that could run during CES and it provided over 400 rides during the convention. The car was given a rating, much like any real life lyft driver, and received 4.997 out of 5. It was partially driven by a human for safety reasons but 99% of the rides were carried out by the car which is pretty special.


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