Toyota To Make Camry’s Design “More Emotional”

Toyota To Make Camry’s Design “More Emotional”

Toyota To Make Camry's Design "More Emotional"The Camry's strong suit has never been styling or performance. However, with orders coming down from the very top, that all may be set to change.

The term Camry is synonymous with a few things; reliability, fuel-efficiency, affordability and so on. However, the last word most would use to describe the top selling family vehicle would be “sexy” or “exhilarating.” Even when pitted against the others in it’s segment; the Camry comes in as a mere average on almost every scale; design, handling, acceleration. The Kia Optima and the Ford Fusion are much more interesting to look at. Meanwhile, the Hyundai Sonata and the Chrysler 200 offer more features. However, this is nothing new, the Camry hasn’t been able to shake off the reserved look (and feel!) for several generation (though I do think the last two generations have seen marginal improvements).



It’s rather easy to see why people are falling out of love with the Camry’s design.

All may not be lost however, at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota’s US Design Studio boss; Kevin Hunter claims to provide a “more emotional, more impactful design” for the upcoming Camry refresh for 2015. Fortunately, this push towards “more impactful design” isn’t single handedly coming from just Kevin Hunter, there’s directives from Akio Toyoda to do the same. Toyoda, the 57 year old CEO of Toyota Motor Corp. wants to introduce more ‘waki-doki’ in the coming generations of Toyota vehicles; which means “heart-racing qualities” in Japanese. With such a push for development in designs right from the top of the company, it should be exciting to see what the new Camry will have to offer.



The mid-size sedan market is getting tough, how will Toyota respond?



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