Toyota Builds “Outdoor Website” to Target RAV4 Market

Toyota Builds “Outdoor Website” to Target RAV4 Market

Toyota Builds “Outdoor Website” to Target RAV4 MarketEver wanted to ride your bike through a website? Well Toyota has just the thing for you.

Love surfing the web? Enjoy dirt-cycling in the great outdoors?

Well as it turns out, now you can do both! And no, I don’t mean fumbling on your iPhone as you ride your bike through treacherous terrain.



The 2014 Toyota RAV4

In an attempt to reach their more outdoorsy target market for their 2014 RAV4 SUV, Toyota has built a 1.8 Km track on a outdoor, dirt biking park. They’ve incorporated several parts of the online RAV4 page; in essence creating an “outdoor website” (video link below).



The track incorporates wooden frames to represent the RAV4 website

Cyclists move through the track and pass through several physical frames modeled after the website’s design. The track is made interactive via numerous paddle shaped pieces that the riders push or “click on” with their hands. In turn, different features of the RAV4 are revealed and the rider can even “build [their] own car”.

push pads


Riders interact with the course via physical pads they “click” on by pushing them

With some low level circuitry and some creativity, Toyota has built themselves a pretty interesting marketing campaign. However, it might have been easier for Toyota to have just built a better mobile website for these super outdoorsy people who apparently don’t have time to use a real computer.


Check out the video of the outdoor website, here:




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