Top 10 Motorcycles We Look Forward to in 2015

Top 10 Motorcycles We Look Forward to in 2015

See our Top 10 list of Motorcycles to look for in 2015. Benchmarks have been set higher than they ever have been before!

With summer over and riding season swiftly coming to a close for most, we here at look forward to what 2015 has in store for riders. The last few weeks have been exciting for the motorcycle world with brand new models appearing from not only the Japanese manufacturers, but the Italian and German bikes have made their prescense known as well. You will note words like 300-horsepower, supercharged, and 1299 have been floating around lately. Here is the Top 10 list of Motorcycles we look most forward to seeing and riding.


Honourable Mention: 2015 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster RR





MV Agusta until now reserved their ‘RR’ badges for only their best 4-cylinder bikes, now it takes the RR nomenclature to the in-line 3-cylinder range. With all of the amazing bikes that have come out recently, it was difficult to fit only 10. But this dragster with its stylish-wheels has our Honourable Mention spot.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, In-line Three-cylinder
Displacement: 798cc
Maximum Power: 140 HP @ 13,100 rpm
Maximum Torque: 63 lb-fts. @ 10,100 rpm
Dry Weight: 168 kg
Price: TBA

     10. 2015 Triumph Street Triple Rx





Based on looks alone, the 2014 Triumph Street Triple R was my all-time favourite naked streetbike. For 2015, Triumph has unveiled its new Street Triple Rx. The prescription for this bike remains the same mechanically compared to the 2014 model, but gains a new sharp rear profile, along with wheels that will be colour matched to the beautiful red die-cast rear subframe.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 12 valve In-line Three-cylinder
Displacement: 675cc
Maximum Power:  105 HP
Maximum Torque: 51 lb-fts.
Dry Weight: 182 kg
Price: $11,199 USD

         9. 2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000





For 2015, Suzuki has kept the same basic look as its 2014 model predecessor, but will benefit from a radically revised electronics package that includes ABS, and a three-mode traction control system. The additional revised paint job with baby blue and highlighter yellow features will be either love it or hate it. I personally really like the scheme, it just screams MotoGP. Better yet with a Base MSRP at $13,899 it’s practically a steal for a 1000cc Superbike.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16 valve in-line-4 cylinder
Displacement: 999cc
Max Power: 185 HP
Max Torque: 80 lb-fts.
Curb Weight: 203 kg
Price: $13,899 CAD

  1. 2015 Yamaha YZF-R3





There was always a lack of Yamaha presence in the entry level sportbike class that has been mainly dominated by the Kawasaki Ninja 300, and Honda CBR300R. Yamaha was always left out when beginners were deciding what motorcycle would be their first. For 2015, Yamaha has released the R3, a fuel injected in-line 320 cc twin-cylinder that will offer a great platform for beginners to get started on. The R3 has the displacement advantage over its competitors and finds itself next to the CBR300R in terms of price. How will the R3 fair against its competitors? We look forward to putting a comparison test together soon after our frigid Canadian Winter is over.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8 valve 2-cylinder
Displacement: 321cc
Max Power: TBA
Max Torque: TBA
Wet Weight: 166 kg
Price: $4,999 CAD

  1. 2015 BMW S1000XR


 2015-BMW-S1000XR-red-front-3qtr - Copy



Essentially an adventure sport-tourer based on the S1000RR, powered by a detuned version of the same engine used in that bike, the S1000XR will offer power, comfort, and the capability to quite literally take this bike on the adventure of your life. Expect this bike to go up against the V-Strom 1000, but with the added sexy lines and power, I can assume the S1000XR will give the V-Strom a run for its money. Pricing is TBA, but I expect it to fall just under the $20,000 mark.


Engine Type: Water/oil-cooled, DOHC, 16 valve in-line 4-cylinder engine
Displacement: 999cc
Max Power: 160 HP @ 11,000 rpm
Max Torque: 81 lb-fts. @ 9,250 rpm
Road ready Weight: 228 kg
Price: TBA

  1. 2015 BMW S1000RR





Let’s not get things twisted. The S1000RR is my ultimate dream bike. When the German automaker first came out with this revolutionary supersport bike back in 2009, I was hooked. The revised face for 2015 has the S1000RR’s headlights flipped for some odd reason. I do not really see the need for this, but thankfully it still looks just as sexy. Luckily the face lift is not the only update. BMW has claimed they looked at every component of the bike and as a result the bike has shed 4 kilos of weight, and has increased its power to just less than 199 horsepower. The 2015 S1000RR has managed to go one step further, and has essentially set the benchmark in its class, once again.


Engine Type: Water/oil-cooled 16 valve DOHC in-line 4 cylinder
Displacement: 999cc
Max Power: 199 HP @ 13,500 rpm
Max Torque: 83 lb-fts. @ 10,500 rpm
Road ready Weight: 204 kg
Price: TBA

  1. 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1


 8d16c1e5d0e68d3f69b2c8537ac76086 - Copy



All new for 2015 is the Yamaha YZF-R1. Right away the most notable change is the drastic new face that looks like a cross between the Ducati 899 and the old Ducati 848 Evo. It is completely all new and boasts a new lightweight aluminum chassis and an all new 998cc crossplane 4 cylinder that will put out approximately 200 horsepower. Among the other internal upgrades such as lightweight forged aluminum pistons, the electronics and suspension have not been forgotten. The 2015 Yamaha R1 will be available with another variant called the R1M, it does not add any added power, but will add features like ohlins suspension bits, even more advanced electronics and lightweight carbon fibre body work—not for the inexperienced rider or anyone who will have trouble swallowing the price of having to replace a carbon fibre fairing. As an added bonus, the 2015 Yamaha R1 had MotoGP legend and a nine time World Champion, Valentino Rossi play an important role in the development of this new bike. He said he wanted the agility of his Yamaha M1 race bike but the comfort to ride on the street and a better feel on the front end to be evident in this new R1. Tweaking the suspension and electronics to where the MotoGP star feels they should be, all for a better riding experience. We cannot wait to see if we can get our hands on an R1.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16 valve in-line 4-cylinder
Displacement: 998cc
Max Power: 200 HP
Max Torque: 83.2 Ft-lbs. @ 11,500 rpm
Wet Weight: 199 kg
Price: $18,999 CAD

  1. 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299





Ducati has officially cracked the 200-horsepower mark with the introduction of the Panigale 1299. The updated 1299 Superquadro is Ducati’s most extreme engine to date. Among the added power come updated rake angles and trail length as well as upgraded Brembo brakes. Visually though, not much has changed from the old 1199. The sexy lines and single swingarm are still there to remind you that you are riding something special. That is until you get on and go for a ride—then you really know you are riding something special indeed.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled 8 valve V-twin
Displacement: 1285cc
Max Power: 205 HP @ 10,500 rpm
Max Torque: 106 Ft-lbs. @ 8,750 rpm
Wet Weight: 191 kg
Price: TBA

  1. 2015 Ducati Scrambler





A blast from the past can best describe the Ducati Scrambler. Ducati has introduced a smartly styled bike that correctly reinterprets the 1960s’ original. Most notably, the removal of ride-by-wire throttle and hydraulic clutch will truly keep this bike like the way it was back in the 60s. But luckily they did not take it too far, with a state of the art LED headlight unit. The engine is 803cc’s but in essence is a 796 engine detuned to deliver 75 horsepower and 50.2 foot-pounds of torque at only 5,750rpm. This new scrambler is aimed at riders looking for something that is not only easy handling, comfortable, and practical, but also a motorcycle that is just as fashionable as the original was. There are four variants available for the 2015 Scrambler, all with the same specs, but each have their own unique touches and styling to meet the needs of their riders. Available variants are: Icon (City Street riding), Urban Enduro (offroad capable), Classic (Ultimate throwback in style), and Full Throttle(Race inspired).


Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4 valve, L-Twin.
Displacement: 803cc
Max Power: 75 HP @ 8,250 rpm
Max Torque: 50 Ft-lbs @ 5,750 rpm
Wet Weight: 186 kg
Price: (All Prices in USD)

  • Icon $8495
  • Urban Enduro, Full Throttle, and Classic $9995
  1. 2015 Honda CBR1000RR SP: Repsol Edition





The new 2015 Honda CBR1000RR SP: Repsol Edition has been brought to us by Honda to pay homage to Marc Marquez the 21 year old Spanish MotoGP rider that has already won 4 world championships including the most recent 2014 MotoGP season. This new bike is also the revival of the Fireblade nomenclature that is always the most advanced and fastest bike Honda puts out. Surprisingly, compared to other motorcycles in its class-the Fireblade does not use any electronic aids of any kind. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the rider and depending on judgement. The removal of any kind of electronic aids gives more rider feedback, and offers a purist the most out of what the engineers have planned for this machine. However this does not bode well for riders who just made the transition into the litre bike class. The added electronic aids on other bikes do offer more forgiveness and less of a chance that you will end up wrecking. A rider conveying bad judgement and a lack of respect for the machine will ultimately not enjoy this bike as much as more experienced riders.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder
Displacement: 998cc
Max Power: TBA
Max Torque: TBA
Curb Weight: 200 kg
Price: TBA

  1. The 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R


 main 2015-Kawasaki-Ninja-H2-Street-Brightened-770x420 2015_Kawasaki_Ninja-H2R_5.med_-770x577



Behold, the most anticipated sportbike that has stolen headlines and has kicked off the ‘I can’t wait until next summer’ blues. The one that captures the most headlines is the 300 Horsepower Supercharged Ninja H2R. No turn signals, no mirrors, and full race slicks means the H2R is only designed for the race track. At a price that is likely to exceed far beyond the $30,000 mark it is hard for us to see anyone really buying this bike unless they desire to wipe the floor with Hayabusa’s and Kawasaki’s own ZX-14R on the drag strip. I personally think that instead of Kawasaki expecting to sell enormous amounts of this full carbon fibre bodied beast, it is merely a testament to what Kawasaki can accomplish. It is setting the bar higher than ever. Insurance companies in Ontario will love this next part, the Street-legal version, the H2, will still feature a supercharger, which means if you can afford the $27,500 price tag, then you need to also be prepared for the insane insurance premium that will surely follow. Kawasaki has opened the doors to the next-generation of supersport bikes, and leads the way with the H2. We cannot wait to see just what we have in store once we see it in action.


Engine Type: 4-Stroke, In-line 4 cylinder
Displacement: 998cc
Max Power: 200 HP (H2), 300 HP (H2R)
Max Torque: 98 Ft. lbs. (H2) TBA (H2R)
Curb Weight: 238 kg
Price: $27,500 CAD

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