‘Tis the Season To Get Winter Tires!

‘Tis the Season To Get Winter Tires!

Stay safe during this winter season Make sure your car is prepped for the holidays!

With Old Man Winter coming surprisingly early this year in Ontario, let’s all take a moment and make sure our cars are prepared to face the traffic challenges and grueling conditions of this winter. When the winter flurries hit your city, be respectful of the time it will take for city workers to clear the roads and take extra precautions during your commute. Prepare for increased travel times, slippery conditions, and most importantly, don’t forget to swap out your all season tires for winter ones.


While there definitely exists some budget winter tires, it’s always better to be safe than sorry to spend the money on a quality set. After all, can you really place a value on you and your loved one’s life? And to the naysayers about the merits of winter tires, the fine people at Auto Express have conducted a test comparing the performance of all season tires and winter tires. Have a look yourself in the video below to see which performed better!



Source: Auto Express

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