The Porsche Cayman gets the 718 treatment

The Porsche Cayman gets the 718 treatment

The Porsche 718 Cayman is a more rigid and better handling 718 Boxster.

The Beijing Auto Show is a great place for manufacturers to release some of their latest and greatest due to the sheer size of the economy and the frivolous spending habits that the population is known for. With that, we see many luxury automakers debuting new cars to “wow”, not only the Chinese, but the world. Porsche debuted its updated Boxster, under the 718 brand back at the 2016 New York International Auto Show. At the time there was no official 718 Cayman revealed, so this article is dedicated to capturing the highlights of the 718 Cayman.


Much of the 718 Cayman is shared with the Boxster. Both come with Porsche’s all-new Flat 4 Turbo engine that produces identical performance numbers in both. As a recap, the entry-level 718 starts with a respectable 300 HP from a 2.0L while the S model gains 50HP with half a liter more of displacement. The 718 Cayman S uses similar technology found in the high-end 911 Turbo to achieve a 4.2 second 0-100 km/h time and a top speed of 285 km/h.


Driving dynamics are expected to be more sports car like due to the added rigidity of the body (with a roof) and firmer shocks and springs. Paired with larger rear tires and, as Porsche claims, more direct steering, the handling of the 718 Cayman will be that of a true sports car. To enhance the experience Porsche, as usual, includes an array of options including Porsche Torque Vectoring which sends power to wheels that need it the most. Larger brakes also help bring the more powerful package to a stop.


The design is very much the same as the 718 Boxster, besides the fact that the Cayman comes with a non-retractable hard top (it’s a Coupe). The 718 maintains a similar physique as the previous Porsche Cayman, this time with a more masculine, sharper profile and larger intakes. The head and tail lights are also redesigned to bring a modern look to the 718 Cayman.

high_718_cayman_s_2016_porsche_ag (1)

Inside, the 718 Cayman is practically the same as the Boxster, sharing all the key features. The upper part of the dash includes new air vents, a sport steering wheel resembling the same one found in the 918 and a full-suite of connectivity features as part of the Porsche Communication Management system.

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