Introduction: The Death of the Driving Enthusiast

Introduction: The Death of the Driving Enthusiast

Our introduction to the world of performance driving

It’s a fact, millennials hate cars and driving. Perhaps hate is a strong word, but according to the latest studies from JD Power and other industry analysts, there has been a significant drop in the number of Gen Y-ers who have a driver’s licenses and those that are buying cars. Getting your license and your first car used to represent a pinnacle milestone of turning 16 – a right of passage.  Why the change? Well analysts will have you believe that it’s due to the economy (can’t afford cars), urbanization (don’t need a car to get around), technology shifts like social media (don’t need to travel to see friends), and Uber (your personal chauffeur service).

I have another theory.  I believe the potential demise of driving enthusiasts lies in the fact that a large majority of the populace is simply unaware of anything other than driving from point A to point B in their cars. I’ll be the first to admit that driving in traffic is as much fun as a root canal, no matter what kind of exotic machinery you may be driving. However, there is whole other world out there that many have never explored … the world of “Performance Driving”.

So what is “Performance Driving?” Put simply, it’s challenging the limits of your vehicle and your driving skills in a controlled environment. The key-words there being “in a controlled environment,” as performance driving on public roads is just dangerous, reckless, and stupid. In fact doing these activities on public roads undermines all true driving enthusiasts and the community they work towards building. So with the safety lecture out of the way, you may be wondering what makes this activity so enjoyable and what makes it a potential candidate to change the perceptions of an entire generation?


It comes down to our innate fascination with things that go fast and the drive to tame and control that speed. The feeling of being turned loose on a race track and having the freedom to go as fast as you dare is truly intoxicating, and something I fully believe would appeal to anyone who possesses a beating heart. I can’t recall how many “Millennials” I’ve taken as victims … erm I mean passengers, who ended up with an ear to ear grin after the experience of a fast car.   It gives me the warm fuzzies to see them eagerly asking how they can join the family.  Most are surprised to learn that there are events most every week in the Spring, Summer and Fall that they can bring their cars to, and feed their new obsession.

And therein lies the problem. There are very few platforms that highlight the ins and outs of performance driving.  From how to get started, how much it costs, and where and when the events take place. That’s why we are very excited to announce our new partnership between the Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy and Magazine. We are hopeful that this new section of the magazine will help drive awareness for Performance Driving and help introduce generations both new and old to a potential lifelong pastime. Stay tuned for some great upcoming content which will immerse you into the world of performance driving with how-to articles, track battle videos and much, much more!

~Jay Tsang

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