Tesla picks up ex Aston Martin engineer for their upcoming models

Tesla picks up ex Aston Martin engineer for their upcoming models

Chris Porritt expected to lend expertise on some highly anticipated projects

California-based automaker Tesla has confirmed that it has appointed Chris Poritt as its new vice president of vehicle engineering. Well-known in the auto industry for his leading role in Aston Martin’s engineering department, Porritt is filling a position that has been vacant at Tesla since Peter Rawlinson left the company in January 2012.

Although Porritt has been involved in the development of a majority of the current models at Aston Martin, he is best known for the One-77, the 750 horsepower super car which was launched at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show after only a one-year development period.






Due to Porritt’s vast experience in the field of sports and luxury cars, it is widely believed that Tesla will capitalize on his expertise to develop some of their highly anticipated upcoming models, such as the successor to the Roadster, and Model X crossover.

While Porritt did not explain why he left Aston Martin, it appears that this is only one of many top personnel changes to come since the company’s ownership changed this year. CEO Ulrich Bez is also expected to step down later this year.

Source: Left Lane News

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