Tesla Model S Catches Fire in Toronto “Without Apparent Cause”

Tesla Model S Catches Fire in Toronto “Without Apparent Cause”

Tesla Model S Catches Fire in Toronto "Without Apparent Cause"The Tesla Model S is the most successful push for the electric car on the roads today. However, the young auto-maker has come into some hot water lately with a couple of it's cars being involved in major fires.

A Toronto man reportedly found his Tesla Model S on fire shortly after he had parked it in his garage after returning from a drive. The vehicle was apparently not charging or operating when the fire started. There have been instances in the past when Model S’s have gone up in flames after a major accident, however, this is the first such instance where the car has caught fire while sitting idol in a garage and not charging.



Fire-fighters investigate the blaze of the Tesla Model S in Toronto.


Tesla seems to have responded to the situation swiftly by dispatching a team to investigate the cause of the incident. Tesla also offered the owner of the charred Model S to “take care of the damages and inconveniences cause by the fire, but the owner declined.” Tesla has reported that they have determined that the cause of the fire could not have been related to the batteries, the charging system, the adapter or the electrical receptacle. They claim that these components were untouched by the fire. Tesla employees are working to determine the precise cause of the fire.



The Model S has come in to much debate lately with several instances of the vehicle catching fire.


This is really an unfortunate story as it takes the progress of the electric vehicles a step back. Along with that it creates further fear within the auto consumer towards this technology that’s clearly in it’s infancy. Sure it’s got it’s kinks, but then again we’ve made the internal combustion engine safe over the past century, hopefully we can give the electric car a bit more of a chance to redeem itself.

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Source: Autoblog.com

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