Swedish Women Invent An Invisible Bike Helmet

Swedish Women Invent An Invisible Bike Helmet

Swedish Women Invent An Invisible Bike HelmetRiding your bicycle around town can be great exercise, help you save on gas and great for the environment. But lugging around that ugly helmet is never fun; now however, there might be a solution to that.

Any frequent cyclist will tell you; there are several benefits to riding your bicycle to work, school, wherever. However, one of the most annoying aspects of riding a bicycle is having to have to don a helmet every time you get on your bike. Now however, two women from Sweden with just that conundrum have designed the “invisible helmet”.


Ok, maybe the name’s a bit deceiving, it isn’t actually an invisible helmet. The device is basically an scarf like contraption you wear around your neck which houses what can basically be described as an exploding airbag that quickly wraps around your head in case a collision is detected. The best way to understand exactly how this “invisible helmet” would work is to check out the video below. What’s exciting is the possible revolution that this kind of an invention might bring to other helmet applications (construction wear, motorcycle helmets, etc.).


Check out the video link below:




Source: Autoblog.com

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