Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

Sustainable FutureRecent developments in research show promising future for metabolic engineering of E. Coli to make microbial gasoline.

Ever since the invention of mobile vehicles, society has been using fossil fuels to commute from place to place. This habit has led to the depletion of natural resources, a growing concern for society today. With problems of global warming lurking, alternative fuel research is truly crucial. One research team may have stumbled onto the future of sustainable driving!


KAIST Research

A recent paper was published by a Korean research team from the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology. Before the findings of this team, only diesel substitutes could be metabolically engineered from E. Coli. The research done by this Korean team of chemists creates a foundation for using metabolic engineering of E. Coli to substitute gasoline! Without getting bogged down by scientific terms, it’s enough to say, this research is a true breakthrough in sustainable and alternative fuel for cars!




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