A Street Legal DeltaWing? Where Do I Sign Up?

Street Legal DetlaWing!! Yes!Need we say more?

Nissan has unveiled their newest concept called the BladeGlider (seriously, what’s up with these names?). If it looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s based off Nissan’s famous DeltaWing except this one is street legal. The all electric car shares some of the Nissan LEAF’s DNA too (probably where the electric bits are involved).


Blade Wing Side


The concept features carbon fiber body panels and a seating arrangement inspired by the McLaren F1 (where the driver is placed in the middle). This allows the driver a near 360 degree field of view. The seating arrangement wasn’t the only thing Nissan borrowed from McLaren, the doors on the vehicle have a similar operating mechanism to those found on the new McLaren MP4-12C.


BladeWing Doors

Like the Deltawing, the car is a 4 wheeled machine with a very narrow front track (40 inches to be specific), Nissan has proven in the past that this setup allows for reduced drag and better handling. The batteries will be placed low in the car a la Tesla Model S style which helps with the 30/70 front/rear weight distribution. All these things will hopefully make for a very very interesting ride. See, who says EV’s can’t ever be fun…or at least interesting?


BladeWing top

Source: Jalopnik

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