State of NY to Institute “Texting Zones” On Highways

State of NY to Institute “Texting Zones” On Highways

State of NY to Institute "Texting Zones" On HighwaysTo battle the rising cases of texting and driving on NY highways, Governor Cuomo institutes 'Texting Zones'.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is continuing his push to deter distracted driving through out the state of New York. His latest anti-texting measure? TEXTING ZONES lined across the interstates of NY. 91 of these zones will be put up at first and the program will be extended depending on the usage of these zones.


It will be as easy as drivers pulling into these zones (much like a rest station) and stopping their cars for a quick text break and then continuing on with their journey.


As part of the effort to reduce texting and driving, the the NY state police was gifted with a lifted SUV which gives the officers the ability to peek into passing by cars and easily spot the distracted drivers. The result? NY saw a 365% increase in tickets since last summer.


For the entire story, read the full article at the link below.


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