Silver lining for fans of the Destino

Silver lining for fans of the Destino

The Fisker Karma is still alive and well VL automotive has confirmed that the cash flow problems plaguing Fisker will not stop them from building the highly anticipated Destino sedan.

After laying off 75 percent of its workers and being advised on possible bankruptcy proceedings, it’s clear that Fisker is in a bad place. However, as grim as the news may be for the cash-strapped automaker, there may still be a potential silver lining for fans of the brand.

VL automotive has confirmed that the cash flow problems plaguing Fisker will not stop them from building their highly anticipated  Destino sedan, which has been called “essentially a Karma with a General Motors V8 fitted in place of the standard hybrid powertrain.” After obtaining 20 Karma “gliders,” (examples of the car without batteries or hybrid components) VL automotive has been trying to secure completed Karma sedans from dealers looking to sell off inventory prior to a potential Fisker bankruptcy.




On top of the already 100 orders received for the Destino, VL Automotive has been approached by many Karma owners looking to convert their sedans into old-fashioned muscle cars. These conversions will likely cost anywhere from $85,000-$90,000 if they are offered to Karma owners, and will use the Cadillac CTS V’s 556-horsepower 6.2 L engine, rather than the 638-horsepower Corvette ZR1 that was originally planned.

According to VL Automotive, the change in engines was the result of difficulties finding an acceptable automatic transmission that could be paired with the Corvette ZR1, noting that a 450-horsepower LT1 V8 would also be an option for buyers.

Though it is unclear at this time what the future holds for Fisker, many are optimistic that  even if the company closes up shop, VL Automotive could carry on the production of the Destino by arranging for the continued manufacture of Karma chassis by way of Fisker’s  suppliers. This is largely due to the fact that the Karma was not built by Fisker itself, but by Finland-based manufacturer Valmet Automotive.

Source: Left Lane News

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