Shutdown Effects on the Industry

Shutdown Effects on the Industry

Shutdown Effects on the IndustryAlthough the shutdown affected sales, predictions still indicate a rise in sales for 2013!

The government shutdown experienced by American people has affected lives in more than a few ways. Even the car industry felt the affects of this budget gridlock. Sine the recession of 2008, sales had been steadily increasing in the automobile industry. However, with the shutdown, many states reported losses in sales.


Car Sales Chart

While states depending on federal labor, such as Alaska, felt the effects of the shutdown more than others, predictions seem to remain positive. The shutdown ended in early enough to allow sales to soar again for October. With October sales reporting later this week, many predict a positive tread. The chart above shows the steady increase in full year sales since the 2008 recession. According to the trend, this year’s sales could reach 15.7 million. However, even with positive predictions, only time will tell how badly the shutdown really affected the automobile industry.



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