Schumacher Critically Injured in Skiing Accident

Schumacher Critically Injured in Skiing Accident

Schumacher Injured!Here's to a speedy recovery for Michael Schumacher!

Over the weekend, former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher had an accident while enjoying a skiing trip in the French Alps with his son. Reports claim Michael had a horrific fall and hit his head on a rock. Though Mr. Schumacher wore a helmet at the time of the fall, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to spare the seven time Formula One champion from severe brain trauma. Mr. Schumacher was immediately air lifted to Grenoble University Hospital where he underwent brain surgery and is currently in critical condition.



Schumacher 2011

The fall allegedly caused his helmet to shatter into pieces and has caused his brain to swell. This is troublesome because of the immense pressure and damage the tissues can be dealt when swollen against the skull. As such, a top neurological team has put Schumacher into a medically induced coma and lowered his body temperature to roughly 34-35 degrees to slow the rate of swelling. Our thoughts here at Double Clutch are all with Michael Schumacher and family hoping for a speedy recovery.



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Source: Autoblog

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