Robotic Fuelling Systems May Be The Future

Robotic Fuelling Systems May Be The FutureImagine a future where robots refuelled your car while you sat inside. Well, you don't have to imagine for too long; Husky and Fuelmatics have developed machines that can do just that!

If you were born any time before the 1990’s, you probably remember watching The Jetsons as a kid. Remember the future that was promised to us by this awesome cartoons? The flying cars, the futuristic food, floating houses and robots to server your every need. The reality however, has fallen much too short of these visions. I mean how hard is it to make a machine that washes AND dries your laundry? Or a machine that fills your car with gas on its own? Now however, there may be a solution to the latter of those (first world) problems. Husky Corp. and Fuelmatics Corp. have engineered the Automatic Refuelling System.




Using several different technological innovations, the system can identify your car’s specific fuelling cap style, figure out how to open fuel your vehicle automatically. The actual fuelling process is done via vacuum controlled robotic fuelling arms which extend from the entire system which can move up and down to adjust for the height of the car. The entire system is demonstrated in the video below. Obviously this sort of system doesn’t really benefit society in a profound way, however, imagine the brutal refuelling trips this can save like in the middle of a Canadian Winter when it’s -30 degrees and snowing outside!




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