RIP Paul Walker

RIP Paul Walker

A staple in the automotive community has been lost Rocked. That's how I felt when I heard that Paul Walker, the actor and father passed away Saturday afternoon.

Rocked. That’s how I felt when I heard that Paul Walker, the actor and father passed away this past Saturday afternoon.

Paul Walker will always be attached to the fictional character of Brian O’Connor from the Fast and the Furious franchise of feature films. But to just say that would be a massive understatement.




Most actors hate being type casted to a specific role. It is one of the many reasons that William Shatner didn’t get any major roles after starring in Star Trek. There sometimes exists a blurred reality where the actor becomes the character and they cease being separate and merge becoming just one.


Paul Walker fits in that category. He wasn’t just an actor. He was Brian O’Connor. He was a friend. And just because we watched him on a 50 foot screen doesn’t make this any easier.


In a day and age where everyone tends to feel like a social outcast, a misfit of sorts, The Fast and the Furious franchise acted as a odd rallying cry. I know many people that entered the tuner world because of the first film. We all quote it. We made it a part of our every day. That level of impact can’t be measured in simple dollars and cents, it’s a direct reflection on each of us and how we’ve embraced the films.




Questions will soon start about the future of the franchise and where they go from here. It’s my hope that they kick off the next film with a tribute.

Goodbye to our generation’s James Dean, not only an icon but someone who struck at the heart of many and left a lasting impression. You will be missed. Live fast, die young.






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