“Reliable” Toyota recalling Sienna models

“Reliable” Toyota recalling Sienna models

Recall!Owners of the Toyota Sienna beware; read more to find out if your car has been recalled!

Own a Toyota Sienna? Is it a 2004-2005 or 2007-2008 model? If so, you’re car may be victim to some faulty production!


Toyota Sienna 2004-2005

Toyota has officially recalled certain Toyota Siennas. About 615,000 cars have potentially been damaged. Because of faulty shift lever assembly, your car may be in danger. For most cars, the driver must be pressing the break to move the car from its parked position. For these faulty Toyota Sienna models, the shift lever may move regardless. Toyota intends to notify all affected customers and replace the defective car parts as soon as possible!



Source: autoguide.com



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