Polestar’s V60 Is A Speed Demon With Extra Room

Polestar's V60...For Canada!Speedy Wagons are just the best.

Polestar Performance, Volvo’s premium sports brand (think BMW + M, or Mercedes + AMG) known famously for their take on what a proper Volvo C30 should be (which equated to a 451 hp turbocharged track monster) are back at it again with the Volvo V60 Polestar Performance Concept.


2014 Polestar V60 3


Following the release of the S60 in 2012, Polestar returned this year with the V60, a nod to the quick Volvo wagons of yesteryear. Much like the S60, this years Polestar features the same turbocharged inline six pushing out 350 horses and 369 pound feet of torque found in the S60. The powerplant is sufficient to rocket the car up to 100 km/h in a scant 4.9 seconds, and it’ll keep going until it hits its limited top speed of 155 mph.


2014 Volvo Polestar V60


Polestar took the standard V60 and completely reworked the vehicle. The powerplant saw a new turbocharger, a reworked intercooler and exhaust system, while the exterior of the car received a number of “R” design cues including 20 inch wheels a full aero kit and new shocks to ride on. All that will be held at bay by the addition of brakes by Brembo. Meanwhile, the interior received design tweaks so you know you aren’t riding in some ordinary V60.


2014 Polestar V60 2


Word is mum on the availability, pricing, and production numbers of the vehicle. That being said, Polestar has mentioned Canada as one of the countries set to receive the car in 2014 when further details are finally released. Sign me up for a Rebel Blue V60 please!


Source: Autoblog

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