Polaris Brings Airless Tires One Step Closer to Reality

Polaris Brings Airless Tires One Step Closer to Reality

Airless Tires for your ATV! Tires that can survive a .50 caliber round and still go

The ATV maker Polaris recently announced that their $15, 000 WV850 H.O ATV will be available for sale in “limited quantities” just in time for the christmas holidays next month. But Don you ask, I’m here to read about car news, what’s an ATV got to do with anything? The reality is, the WV850 H.O marks the sale of the first publicly available vehicle (albeit an ATV) featuring airless tires.

The tires, called TerrainArmor are composed of a flexible inner mesh design that can hold the weight of the vehicle as well as absorb bumps. Meanwhile, the outer exoskeleton, made of rubber like conventional tires will provide the traction. Polaris says that development of the outer exoskeleton could allow for different applications of the tires.


The coolest bit? ¬†Polaris claims that these tires could survive a direct hit from a .50 caliber round without skipping a beat and continue to hustle for another 560 kilometers. In addition, Polaris says these tires can take a railroad spike puncture and still travel another 1600 km’s (Let’s see you try that with your run flats). Not only are these tires strong, they are flexible and purportedly more efficient, quieter, and less wasteful to manufacture than their conventional counterparts.



2014 Polaris WV850




While the new tires will be accepted by ATV aficionados, drivers will have to wait longer before they see production worthy airless tires in their next family sedan. Much work still needs to be done to make the tires available for cars. Despite this caveat, Polaris took a huge step in the right direction with the release of their WV850 H.O ATV.


Source: Business Insider

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