How Do I Pick?

How Do I Pick?

How Do I Pick?Picking between the newest green technology cars can be difficult, so let these broad categories help you pick whether a hybrid, diesel, or electric car is right for you!

Gas prices have been on the rise for quite some time now. Paired with a new found concern for environmental hazards, greener cars are becoming more and more appealing by the day. However, the same question plagues most car buyers: how do I pick out of the green car options? has the answers for you!


 Hybrid/Diesel Car Options

Each individual’s circumstances dictate the best green car option for the individual situation. Broad categories help narrow in on the perfect car for each situation. Every commuters should be looking into either a hybrid or diesel, just as road trip junkies should check out hybrid or diesel crossovers. Both hybrid and diesel cars guarantee great fuel efficiency on a highway, all though the diesel is more promising for various driving styles. However, the hybrid beats the diesel in terms of maintaining their fuel efficiency at slow speeds, specifically for the urban drivers. Even better for urban driving is an electric car, but these are best equipped for those who actually live in urban areas, with access to charging stations! And urban residents who travel weekends can get the best deal with a plug-in hybrid, electric when you need, hybrid when you leave! Lastly, if you’re really trying to live on the cutting edge, get into a hydrogen-powered car. Regardless, no matter your purpose, there’s a green car waiting for you! Which will you pick?




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